Quality Training for Horse and Rider
Sarah Grady and Corrigan 2016 Extreme Mustang Makevoer

Sarah Grady and Corrigan 2016 Extreme Mustang Makevoer


Colchester Equines is a leader within the equine training service industry. Our head trainer Sarah Grady offers a wealth of knowledge to the education of your equine partner. Her vast knowledge has been acquired over two decades. 

Sarah uses a common sense approach to training with each and every equine in her care. Specializing in natural horsemanship techniques and least resistance training, her goal is to create a partnership between horse and rider. 

Owner involvement in the training process is the number one key to success. Weekly updates on your horses progress, attending your equines training session or video updates, training sessions with the owner and their equine are all suggested avenues of involvement. Sarah wants to provide each owner the ability to succeed after your horse returns home.

Colchester Equines offer training for horses of all types. From young horse starting, reconditioning the older horse after downtime, competition mounts, trail and family safe horses.

Each equine training program will be adapted to suit the needs of the owner and mount.

Training packages and pricing are available by request as every equine is an individual and require and individualized plan. Please contact us for further information.

Recent accomplishments

Sarah most recently competed in the 2016 VA Extreme Mustang Makeover. Only 30 adult trainers were selected to try their hand at gentling, taming, and competing a wild and un-handled American Mustang within a 100 day period. Sarah came home victorious winning both 2016 Rookie Champion (awarded to first time competitors) and 2016 Champion of the headlining event. Sarah credits her big win to years of dedication to training, starting horses of all types and the great trainability of the American Mustang and a wonderful partner in Corrigan. 

"Training will come if the mind is willing"

Sarah has also qualified to compete at the 2016 CBLM Region 1 Dressage Championships this fall.